Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Your computer allowing 3rd parties to spy on your every click

A program on your computer called Adobe Flash is collecting all your computer actions in files that are hidden from you, outside of your browser, and selling this info. It can track your keystrokes, what you look at online, health sites you visit, etc. Essentially, it can watch anything you do.

The Wall St. Journal has written about this the past two days.

Notably, this is not normal cookies. This is 'Flash' cookies. It's virus like in that it regenerates on its own if you just choose to delete cookies.

To remove these tracking files, I went to this link:


Instructions on what to do on this Adobe page above are listed here:


Thursday, May 13, 2010

Spam alert for Garry Cole

I received this e-mail below today, and it's likely spam and a phishing scam.


Dear Sir/Madam
Am Mr.Garry and would like to order Picture Frame from your
store and would like to know the types and sizes you have in stock as
well as the prices and the types of credit cars that you take for
payment.Thank you and waiting to hear from you as soon as possible.

Garry Cole

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Beware of fake tableware and fine china websites

I received a Google alert for my name "Jason Solarek', and noticed that my name was mentioned on a tableware website I'd never visited. I have no association whatsoever with this site. Yet, my name appeared on the site. Please see screen shot above.

I then visited the site, and realized this site is a sham. This is a site generated by robots that go out and comb the internet for certain keywords. The site then adds this data to its site, as if it were its own data and authentic. In this way, it appears that I visited this site and posted content on it. I never did. This is misleading, and false.

This is the fake site: http://www.noritake-tableware.com/gallery

I then took a look at the company on the Contact Us page. A warning sign was the the company says "Contact Us" but does not offer a phone number or address.

I visited site for the company that designed the website.


19parking.com creates bogus websites that clutter the internet.

They also have a Contact Us page without a phone number or address. A red flag is always a company without a physical address listed.