Friday, March 25, 2011

Phone scam by steven bradley 1-800-650-5124 Caribbean Cruise

I received a suspicious call today, and then did some research and found out it's a sales scam.

A person named "Steven bradley" called and said that since I had purchased something at [insert name of any retailer], I was entered in a drawing and won.

He said that the store I bought something at had given him my name. I called the store after my call with "Steve", and the owner of the store said that they had not shared my name. (I know the store owners well.)

What this sales person had really done was do a search on the Internet, and found that my name is associated with a domain for a store. What was really happening: there was no contest. The store had not given Steve my name. This was a cold call, a sales call, and this guy was lying.

Steve said that I was very lucky to win.
He then offered to go over details.
He told me i had won a 75% discount.
He said I was hand selected.
He mentioned First Class Vacations. Carnival Cruise Lines.
He said less than 1% 'selected'.
He said due to tremendous savings, they are extremely limited, and must "keep it to one call." aka: high pressure sales technique. They are giving an excuse to make you decide in a hurry on the phone.

Cruise was for 8 days. "Any caribbean location", including St. Thomas.

He insisted I buy the package right there, after 30 seconds. I sensed it was scam, so I acted very interested, and pleaded to call him back so i could in fact track down this dirt ball. He then gave me his phone number: 1-800-650-5124
ext 314
and name:
Steven Bradley
note: this name could be an alias.

In sum, these companies do a search on a person's name, get some info related to you, then lie and say whatever source they found associated with you has given them your info, and they use this to build trust. Then they act like you 'won' something when in fact it's a plain sales call.