Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Anti-virus scam for 1-855-383-8420

My friendly recently called me in a panic: her computer was making a load screeching noise and her screen was telling her to not touch anything but rather call this "Microsoft" tech repair number.
This was  a scam. The entity creating this screen and noise were a scam to get people to pay for anti-virus software.
Below is what the screen looked like. Don't fall for this. This is the number they told her to call:

You can Google this telephone number and you'll find similar horror stories about this company.

The screen says:
The page at alert.norton.com.ok-po-alert.com says:

* * * Computer Health Alert  * * *
Your Browser Detected Security Error. Due to Suspicious Activity Found on Your Computer. Contact Microsoft Certified Live Technicians
1-855-383-8420 (Toll-Free)

The screen also says the computer is infected with "Trojan" and "SpyWare.bot". That was not true.

After calling, they try to get you to subscribe to their bogus services.

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  1. So today 10/31/15 I received a similar message on google chrome. The number however, was a bit different, 1-855-383-4344, toll-free as well. When I called I made sure to use [*67], not sure if it made a difference though. A song played for a few seconds then abruptly ended, no-one answered. Kinda weird considering the screen reads, "...call the toll free number below for a Microsoft-Certified technician to help you resolve the issue." Had I not marked privately who knows what lies they would've said. Scammers these days.